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Millions of hotel guests are having online conversations about their hotel stay experiences. Nielson Online suggests that companies should invest in services that listen, connect and respond to customers in a way that protects their brand value.

Social Media Strategy
Will People Highly Recommend My Hotel?

Take action to positively influence online conversations about your hotel.

“Ann Manion understands that the cost of a single negative hotel review can drive away a multitude of potential customers. Her company, Hotel Advantage, helps clients positively influence online conversations about their brand by showing them how to interpret and respond to feedback generated from hotel brand monitoring tools.”

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You know from experience how hard it is to keep pace with consumer-generated chatter. Hotel Advantage unleashes the power of listening by connecting you to the conversations your guests are having online about their stay experience.

Learn how to drive the quality of the guest experience skyward.

Hotel Advantage specializes in helping hotels interpret and respond to online conversations about their brand and turn insights into operational change that jolts a management team’s perspective in a positive way, creating a renewed focus on quality and service. When it comes to social media initiatives, such as blogs, micro blogs (Twitter) and podcasting, we believe in a slow build approach that starts small and has room to grow.

Our social media services include:

  • Listening Lab Services for Brand Monitoring
  • Packaging of Insights & Strategies
  • Conversation Trend Analysis


  • Promote trust in your brand through good listening and a track record of responsiveness.
  • Link your social media initiatives to specific business objectives.
  • Learn about tools that aggregate online commentary to help you interpret the endless data.
  • Plan for who should handle social media activities at your hotel.
  • Stop unfavorable web chatter from spreading.
  • Plant the seeds for powerful word of mouth marketing

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