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Business Week’s 2009 Special Report Extreme Customer Service ranks Amazon No. 1 in service delivery against formidable rivals Ritz Carleton, Four Seasons, and JW Marriott. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos shares that learning about and fixing customer problems quickly builds loyalty and has been a great way for Amazon to spot issues that need to be addressed systematically, helping the company double their customer base to 88 million in the last 5 years.

Guest Research
What Do My Hotel Guests Really Think?

Establish talking platforms that allow great ideas to "bubble up" from hotel guests.

Ann Manion is an active listener who uses a variety of tools to quickly cut through data and glean the core meaning for the client. She studies customer feedback from a variety of angles and presents recommendations thoughtfully.”

Stahl-Brown, L.,
Vice President Operations
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Gone are the days of slow-moving hotel comment cards that hit your inbox long after the guest has departed. To remain competitive and relevant, you need a system for quickly tapping into hotel guest opinions. At Hotel Advantage, we custom design talking platforms that build up the value of your brand and establish dynamic channels of communication with your customers.

Did you know that your hotel guests want to have a conversation with you?

At Hotel Advantage, we develop dynamic channels of dialogue between hotels and their guests and provide direct access to understanding the needs, habits and ambitions of specific customer groups. The fresh customer intelligence we deliver helps you channel resources on confirmed guest needs with stealth precision, design the ideal guest experience, and push service levels skyward.

Guest research services include:

  • Custom Designed Talking Platform
  • Packaging of Insights & Strategies
  • Hotel Guest Needs Profiling


  • Allow innovative ideas for best practices and service upgrades to “bubble up” from guests.
  • Guard against isolation from guest opinions and needs.
  • Stop unflattering chatter from reaching the web where it remains forever.
  • Satisfy the guest’s need to be heard and feel in control.
  • Nurture a community of brand champions that spread positive buzz.
  • Use guest conversations as a tool to set expectations and educate.

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