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The 2009 Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Benchmark Study, conducted by, polled 869 senior executives and reported that an investment of 10% or more of their revenues in customer experience management (CEM) significantly lowered customer attrition rates, generated referral rates twice as high, and resulted in a customer satisfaction score of 81% or more.

Customer Experience Management
Is My Hotel Living Up To Its Promises?

Achieve five star ratings by putting guest needs at the center of decision making.

“Ann Manion’s hospitality expertise allows her to suggest practical changes that elevate the guest experience. During hotel audits, she brings a fresh eye to looking at your service level and helps properties bring about positive operational change.”

Armstrong, L.
Former Sales Executive
Millennium Hotels

The best growth strategy is understanding and investing in the guest experience. At Hotel Advantage, we view each customer touch point as an opportunity to reinforce your hotel’s value, uniqueness, and special qualities. Our mystery shopping services are designed to examine your property’s actions, deeds and behavior relative to the promises you’ve made. Other mystery shopping companies only skim the surface when they hire hotel enthusiasts to mystery shop. The statistical report cards that result are lighter weight efforts that do not provide hotel management teams the insights and advice they need to transform brand behavior.

Brand value is what you do, not what you say.

Our mystery shopping service contrasts to the competition in that we take the temperature of your service level at moment in time, much like a check up with your physician. Service level evaluations are conducted by hospitality experts and typically span a 24-hour period. By delivering real-time narrative reports that are upbeat and tell the story behind service successes and opportunities, individual hotels are provided the opportunity to take action on what matters most to their guests.

Mystery shopping and customer experience management services (CEM) include:
  • 24-Hour Hotel Service Audit
  • Packaging of Insights & Strategies
  • Service Level Evaluation

  • Turn your brand promise into an operational reality.
  • Reduce the time between learning about guest needs and taking corrective action.
  • Your guests do not share universal needs; it pays to customize offerings.
  • Link departmental performance to rewards and recognition programs that motivate.
  • Gather customer insights and stories to share so you can coach behavior and lead.
  • Reduce or eliminate operational deficiencies and gaps.
  • Fix problems quickly and gain customer trust.
  • Discover new service enhancements that delight the guest.

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