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Harvard Business Review first introduced the concept of customer experience management (CEM) in 1998, and described it as the sum of all experiences a customer has with your business. Hotel Advantage specializes in CEM and helps hoteliers meet the challenge of moving hotel guests from casual patrons to loyal fans.

Hotel Advantage Solves Three Important Challenges:

“Ann Manion’s recommendations reflect her expertise in the external world of marketing, but also a practical knowledge of internal business operations. She puts clarity, structure and accountability around goals, and motivates others to see challenges as opportunities. Ann is an outstanding consultant who will move your hotel forward.”

LaPlante-Dube, S.
Precision Marketing Group
  1. We find out what your guests really think about your hotel.
  2. We find out how likely it is people will highly recommend your hotel.
  3. We help properties improve service levels and earn higher hotel ratings.
Engage in today’s real-time digital world.

Already, people are living in a real-time digital world that gives them immediate access to your hotel’s brand value. Potential guests are choosing your hotel over the competition (or not) because of what “people like them” say about you, and less by your advertising, public relations, and marketing investments. They’re dishing up the details of their stay on travel blogs, texting remarks on Twitter, writing reviews on Trip Advisor, and sharing images from inside the walls of your guest rooms on Flickr and YouTube. These words, conversations and pictures increasingly determine your brand’s value, and will be viewed by hundreds of your potential hotel guests.

Your hotel can benefit from Web 2.0.

At Hotel Advantage, we believe it is all-important that you understand your service level through the eyes of your ideal hotel guest. In fact, we are ultra enthusiasts for helping hotels reengineer their customer service interactions and showing them how to adapt to these emerging, real-time ways of guest feedback. Right now, you need to go where your customers are talking and listen, or better yet, start a conversation with them. We can help.

Earn luxuriant hotel reviews and ratings.

Hotel Advantage is here to help you respond to your guests’ needs with speed. Whether your level of engagement in social media is that of a maven hotel brand where social media is a core component of your marketing strategy, or you’re more an observer weighing the ROI on social media investments, Hotel Advantage is poised to support your business objectives. Email Ann Manion today, or call 617.531.1672 to learn more.