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Growing your Hotel Business:  Best Practices in Reputation Management

February 8, 2011/1 p.m. ET

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Reputation Management for the
Hospitality Industry

Hotel Advantage brings the guest experience into sharp focus. Our mission is to compress a river of customer intelligence into fresh insights to grow your business.
At Hotel Advantage, we understand your goal is to provide 21st century premium service that puts your guests on cloud nine and perfects the home away from home experience. Clients come to us most often seeking expertise in the areas of hotel reputation management and customer experience management (CEM). Our specialty is connecting hotel management teams with the needs and wants of their existing customers. Why is this important? Because you can’t meet unknown needs.

Learn how to positively influence online reviews.

Our services are ideal for hotel companies that want to positively influence their online reputation and build strong relationships with specific customer groups. Email Ann Manion, or call 617.531.1672 to learn how we can help you increase exposure for your brand and earn luxuriant hotel reviews and hotel ratings.